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Track all your important vehicles and large appliances. Easily mounted and easy use.

GTS-LL301 GPS Tracker



  • Position via GPS, BDS, and LBS;
  • 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery;
  • Capability for multiple alerts;
  • Strong magnet;
  • Connection through 4G and 2G;
  • Options for audio communication;
  • Multiple modes available.

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Product description


If you are looking for a tracker that lasts a while and has a sturdy casing, you are probably looking for the LL301. This tracker has an ultra-long standby time and multiple systems on board to determine its position, making it a very accurate tracker that provides you with added security.

This tracker uses three methods to determine its position: GPS, BDS, and LBS. GPS is likely familiar to you from your TomTom or mobile phone and requires little explanation. It determines your position through satellites. LBS stands for Location Based Service and is used to track a mobile signal, often done through local provider’s cell towers. BDS utilizes different satellite systems such as Beidou, Galileo, or Glonass. By combining these three methods, there is always a way to approximate the current position as closely as possible.

Thanks to the 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery, the tracker lasts a long time. The tracker works best in standby mode, where it sends a location at certain intervals. If you want continuous updates from your tracker, you can easily recharge the battery when it’s empty. You have control over its operation.

The LL301 is equipped with various notification systems. For example, you receive a notification if the casing is removed, if the tracker vibrates, or if the battery is running low. The strong magnet allows you to easily attach the tracker to metal surfaces. Additionally, you can also take this tracker with you on activities like a boat trip.

You can use this tracker via LTE – often referred to as 4G in the Netherlands – and the old-fashioned 2G network. In the Netherlands, 2G is still active and mostly used for tracking purposes. With the VoLTE option, you can use the internal microphone to monitor audio around the tracker.

There are different modes to choose from to make your tracker work as accurately as possible, such as the Timed mode, Smart mode, and Long standby mode. In Timed mode, the device updates at specific intervals that you can set. Smart mode is the standard mode where you receive real-time updates of the latest available location, and when the tracker moves, it provides an update. The Long standby mode keeps the tracker mostly in standby, and it only updates at certain times, then returns to standby. There is always a mode suitable for your needs. With the LL301, you truly have control over how it operates.

With this tracker, you will receive a SIM card with a 10-year validity and almost global coverage via

In the box:

  • The GTS-LL301 tracker;
  • A manual;
  • Charging cable;
  • 3M Tape;
  • A holder.